The Company

Naturopathic CE is a Learning Management System (LMS) that relies on the contributions of instructors who provide educational video content on a commission basis when leaners purchase courses.

The Challenge

The challenge presented by this website design and development project was in the implementation of the commission system, and in the specifics of a learning system: having learner profiles as well as instructor profiles. Learner profiles needed a list of active courses as well as completed courses, while instructor profiles show courses that are currently offered by each instructor. The courses are presented as a series of video lessons.

The Solution

Sensei by WooCommerce was the natural theme choice when creating this website. We customised the theme and added some custom user types to make it work perfectly according to Naturopathic’s needs. For example, the certificates feature that comes in Sensei needed to be altered so that they show Naturopathic’s branding, among other client requests. We achieved this by pulling in data from fields in the checkout process to personalise learners’ certificates.
Another custom feature we coded was to add the ability for learners to share the grades they achieved, or their progress on courses.
Learners are able to pay using one of two payment gateways. PayPal is supported natively by WooCommerce, but we added the ability for learners to also pay with the Stripe Gateway, should they want to. One issue we encountered in terms of payment options was that learners could not access course material instantly after paying, as WooCommerce first puts “products” (in this case, lessons) into a pending state before they are officially sold. We customised this so that as soon as a payment was completed from the user’s side, they had access to the course material.
We used one of our favourite and most-used plugins, FacetWP to implement filters on the site, allowing learners to categorise courses by subject. We used Caldera Clarity, a FacetWP extension, for the search template.
We developed a Sensei e-learning website for Naturopathic CE. The goal of the site is simple, it aims to support and unite the naturopathic profession world-wide through learning. The website delivers streamlined, pre-approved continuing education on a variety of topics. The website provides courses by numerous different expert instructors providing provide unparalleled coursework.

The Result