To download the LSX Mega Menus Extension, follow one of the following steps:

You can also download and install the extension directly from the backend of your website

  • Login to the backend of your website.
  • Navigate to the “Plugins” dashboard item.
  • Select “Add New” when on the plugins page.
  • Search for “LSX Mega Menus”.
  • Download and activate the plugin.


  • Navigate to the back-end of your wordpress website
  • Hover over the “Plugins” item on your Dashboard
  • Select the “Add New” sub item
  • Select the “Upload Plugin” option and choose the “LSX MegaMenus” extension .zip file you recently downloaded
  • Select “Install Now”
  • Once the plugin is installed, select “Activate Plugin”

Configuring a MegaMenu

Once the LSX MegaMenus Extension is activated you will be redirected to your plugins page.

To begin, navigate to your WordPress Customizer. You will see an automatic notification at the top of your plugins page with a link that will automatically take you there.

Or you can follow these steps:

  • Hover over the “Appearance” menu item on your WordPress dashboard
  • Select the “Customize” option from the sub-menu
  • Select the “Menus” option from the customizer menu
  • Select any of your previously created menus (Primary Menu, Social Menu etc)
  • Select any menu item
  • Select the “Mega Menu” button at the bottom of the drop down menu
  • A MegaMenus edit section will appear with an option to add a widget
  • Select an item to use as a widget from the menu. Widget item options can range from images to forms, to other extension content such as team members configured with your LSX Team Plugin
  • The LSX MegaMenus extension is also compatible with Woocommerce, allowing you to add content such as product tags, product search bars and navigation filters directly into your custom MegaMenu.
  • Select all the widgets items you desire in your menu by repeating the “Add a Widget” process
  • Once you have added all your widget items to your MegaMenu, you then need to configure each widget item
  • Select an individual widget item and a drop down settings menu will appear
  • Configure the settings on the widget to match the functionality or content you desire. Each widget item will have different settings depending on its function

E.G.: I have selected a “Text” widget item. This allows me to add content and html onto my MegaMenu.

MegaMenu Layout

The layout of the MegaMenu is configured with simple and responsive drag and drop functionality. All layout changes can be viewed in real time while working with the customizer.

Once all of your widget items have been added to your MegaMenu, follow these steps to style the layout of the menu:

  • You can move a widget item to a different position on the page by clicking and dragging it to a different position in your MegaMenu editor section.
  • To enlarge the width of the widget item, hover over the side of a widget item in the editor section until an arrow appears, then click and drag the widget with the arrow
  • The widget items can be arranged in more than one row, when widget items are expanded, or many widgets are being used, you can split them to better show your content
  • Once you have configured the layout of your MegaMenu select the “Save & Publish” Option at the top of your customizer menu