To download the LSX Login Extension, follow the steps below:

You can also download and install the extension directly from the backend of your website

  • Login to the backend of your website.
  • Navigate to the “Plugins” dashboard item.
  • Select “Add New” when on the plugins page.
  • Search for “LSX Login”.
  • Download and activate the plugin.


  • Navigate to the back-end of your wordpress website
  • Hover over the “Plugins” item on your Dashboard
  • Select the “Add New” sub item
  • Select the “Upload Plugin” option and choose the “LSX Login” extension file you recently downloaded
  • Select “Install Now”
  • Once the plugin is installed, select “Activate Plugin”


Login settings

Under Appearance > Theme Settings and under the Login tab you can find the settings to edit how the LSX Login extension operates. You can:

  • Restrict access to the entire site
  • Restrict access to certain post types
  • Select which page is used as the My Account page

Settings per page / post

You can also restrict access to individual pages and posts. On each individual page and post there are is a LSX Login box where you can restrict access.