The LSX Currencies plugin will allow you to configure currencies in the backend of your WordPress website and enable a currency switcher on the frontend of your website for users to change prices to their preferred currency.


The plugin can be installed from the backend of your WordPress website. Click Plugins > Add new and then search for LSX Currencies.

Click Install Now then click Activate when the installation is complete.

The plugin can also be downloaded from, and installed using the .zip file.

  • Download the file from here –
  • In your WordPress Admin dashboard click Plugins > Add new > Upload plugin. Click Choose File, and select the .zip file that you have just downloaded.
  • Click Install Now. When the installation is complete click Activate Plugin.

Please note: the LSX Currencies plugin works with the LSX theme and Tour Operator plugin.


If you are using our Tour Operators plugin the settings are found here – Tour Operator > Settings > General > Currencies.

Currency Settings

Here you have the following options:

  • Base currency – this defines the currency that will be displayed on your website.
  • Additional currencies – these will be available in the currency switcher on your website.
    (If you want to display additional currencies you will need to sign up for a paid API on
  • Enable multiple prices – you can enter a specific price for each enabled additional currency. This will bypass the conversion and disable the specific price on you website when that currency is chosen.
  • Enable Convert to Single Currency – This allows the price you enter in the backend to be converted to a single currency on your website. The currency switcher will be disabled if this is checked

API Settings

To enter your OpenExchange API key, go to Tour Operator > Settings > API and enter your API key in the Openexchange API field.

Currency Switcher

The currency switcher display settings are controlled from the WordPress customiser, Appearance > Customise > Currencies.

The following options are available:

  • Display in Menu – Choose which menu should display the currency switch tool.
  • Display Flags – Shows a small country flag in the currency switcher.
  • Flag Position – Left or right of the symbol.
  • Symbol Position – Left or right of the currency denomination.