The drop cap block lets you add a stylized drop cap letter to the beginning of a paragraph. The block also comes with settings for font size and drop cap style (Letter, Square, Border).

Adding a Drop Cap block to your page

  • Select the Plus sign for adding a new block and search for “LSX Drop Cap”.
  • Select the LSX Drop Cap block option.
  • On the right hand side of your edit screen you have your block toolbar.
  • Once the block is selected, you can configure your drop cap letter using the available options.

Configuring the block

The Drop Cap Block looks like a normal paragraph block while being edited. This allows you to write your paragraph, and once published the first letter in the paragraph will become your Drop Cap letter.

Let’s go through the options available:

Drop Cap Size – Adjust the size of the drop cap letter.

Drop Cap Style – Choose the style of the drop cap from the options available – square, filled or outlined.

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