Adds a customisable button anywhere on your webpages with the LSX Button Block!

Adding a Button Block to your page

  • Select the Plus sign for adding a new block and search for “LSX Button Block”.
  • Once selected, the LSX Button Block will be populated in the selected block space.
  • Add your content to the Button Block.

Configuring the Block

Add Button title – Title for your button.

Add Button URL – The URL link for the button.

Button Size – Choose the size of the button from the four size options available.

Button Shape – Set the button to be round, circular or square.

Change border color – Choose to have the button bordered or not.

Add Divider Lines Around Button – Add lines on the right and left of the button.

Button Color – Set the button colour.

Button Shadow Color – Set the box-shadow for the button.

Button Hover Color – Add the colour of the button during hover state.

Button Text Color – Set the colour of the button text.

Need help with a different LSX Block?

Need help with a different LSX Block? Find the walkthrough you are looking for from our block documentation homepage.