The LSX theme comes with a core banner functionality. Additional functionality is added when integrated with the LSX banners extension.

The banners feature in the core theme allows you to add images to posts and pages in the featured image section, and have that featured image display as a full-width hero banner at the top of the post/page along with the title of the content you are loading.

Adding a banner image to a post/page

  • Log in to the back-end of your website
  • Select either the “Posts” or “Pages” menu item from the WordPress Dashboard
  • Either select “add new” or select a previously uploaded post/page
  • When the page content is added, select “preview” before adding a featured image or publishing the post/page
  • This will take you to a live preview of your page/post
  • You will notice that the title of the post/page is displayed in a full-width banner section at the top of the page
  • Navigate back to the editing area of your post/page, and navigate to the field on the right of the screen titled “Featured Image”
  • Select the “Set featured image” option
  • Select a previously uploaded image or upload an image to your library
  • *Note: The image chosen is to be displayed as a full-width banner image, and must be equal or over 2000 pixels in width, and 800 pixels in height. Do not worry about resizing the image if it is larger, as the image is automatically resized to fit the banner area.
  • Once you have selected a suitable image, select the “Preview” option once again
  • You will notice that the title of the post/page is displayed in a full-width banner section above the banner image you selected  (see image below)

LSX Banners Extension

The banners extension allows you to place full-width hero banner images at the top of any post type you choose. The extension also allows you to configure the placement of the image in the banner area, and upload an additional featured image which will be displayed according to the post type and use. View the LSX banners extension.