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Often you just need the blog of your website customized, and not the entire site, which is why we built the Blog Customizer extension for LSX. It allows you it to customize various aspects of the the appearance of your blog, posts widgets, archive pages and single posts so they looks exactly how you want.

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The LSX Blog Customizer adds a “related posts” function to your blog posts as well as adding a recent posts widget that you can use to display excerpts of selection of your blog posts with rich customizability. It offers various display tweaks related to your blog archives and single posts, such as:

  • You can change the amount of columns in the excerpts layout, the images used, the order they’re displayed in.
  • Turn off any of the meta data you’d rather not display.
  • Add descriptions to your main blog page as well as each category archive.
  • Add an image carousel
  • Customize the layout of your blog page


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