What is LSX Blocks?

If you’ve heard of the Gutenberg update for WordPress, you should be aware of the new method for building your pages – blocks.

A block is an element that you simply drag and drop into the editor. The WordPress update allows you to use standard blocks such as a heading block, paragraph block etc.

LSX Blocks provides you with a bunch stunning, feature rich blocks such as a Hero Image block and Call-to-Action block

LSX WordPress Theme

Forget about code and searching for additional plugins when building your dream website.

Our LSX theme is lightweight & highly responsive. Developed to be fully compatible with the latest WordPress Gutenberg update, and is backed by an awesome collection of extensions.

Do I need to know code to use this?

Not at all! The LSX theme does all the hard work for you. It is packed with design and layout options for easy setup and configuration.

What is Gutenberg?

Gutenberg is a new editor for WordPress that makes use of a simple, intuitive drag and drop interface for building your webpages.

The page is built block-by-block. Each block has a number of options to configure the style and layout of the block.

Download LSX Blocks

Ready to take LSX Blocks for a spin? You can download both the LSX Blocks plugin and theme for free using the big ol’ buttons below.

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Currently in LSX Blocks


Accordion Block

Add an accordion text toggle with a title and descriptive text. Includes options to change the font size and an option to toggle the accordion open by default.


Author Profile Block

The Author Profile block lets you add a user profile box to your page with an avatar, name, title, profile text and social media links, and custom color options.


Button Block

The button block lets you add a customizable button to your posts or pages. The block also comes with settings for changing the link target, button shape, button size and button colors.


Container Block

The Container block lets you wrap other blocks in a full width container, which helps you create background image or colour sections of content on your posts and pages.


Card Block

A card is a versatile block that can be used to display whatever content you’d like inside a card container, making it stand out from the normal content similar to Google’s Material Design.


CTA Block

The Call-To-Action block for Gutenberg makes it really easy to add a compact, wide or full-width call to action to your site. It’s really easy to customize the CTA block to fit your content.


Divider Block

Add an adjustable spacer between your blocks with an optional divider with styling options to change the height, color and styles. This block will help you get your layout just how you want it.


Hero Block

Add an attention grabbing full screen image to your webpage. This full width banner image is fully responsive and comes with a number of options such as adding a button and title.


Post Grid Block

The Post Grid block gives you quick access to a beautiful post grid and post list with multiple options that can be added to any post or page on your site.


Post Grid Carousel Block

Post Grid Carousel Block which displays an attractive full-width post slider that is fully customisable and responsive on mobile & desktop.


Pricing Table Block

Catch attention with your price ranges in an attractive tabled format with the Block.


Testimonial Block

A block for the LSX testimonials extension. Add a carousel displaying your selected testimonials and reviews. Choose which elements to display and how many you wish to display.


Team Member Block

A block for the LSX team extension. This displays your team members in a post carousel. Comes with loads of options for configuring display of your team.

Blocks Coming Soon

LSX Blocks have been purpose built to be
used with the LSX Theme

Our LSX Theme

We’ve created a beautiful little WordPress theme to help you get started with the Atomic Blocks plugin and the new WordPress block editor. The theme integrates seamlessly with the blocks you’ll find in the plugin!

Theme Functions

Gutenberg Ready

The LSX theme works seamlessly with Gutenberg and the new content and media blocks.

Full-Screen Content

This theme supports the new editor’s wide alignment styles for content that spans the full width of your page.

Theme Options

We’ve also added several handy theme options like content width, font choices, font sizes, and more.